Types of Care in Kentucky

Regulated Child Care in Kentucky

Regulated programs in Kentucky are required to meet basic standards for health and safety and programming set by The Division of Regulated Child Care. Regulated caregivers have a license or certificate to operate and are inspected by the state.

  • A Licensed Type I Child Care Facility is a facility that regularly provides child care services for four (4) or more children in a non-residential setting; or thirteen (13) or more children in a residential setting.
  • A Licensed Type II Child Care Facility is the primary residence where child care is regularly provided for at least seven (7), but not more than twelve (12) children including related children.
  • A Certified Family Child Care Home is a person who cares for a child in their own home; and shall not exceed six (6) unrelated children at anyone (1) time; or four (4) related children in addition to six (6) unrelated children for a maximum of ten (10) hours at anyone (1) time.

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