Report CCAP Changes

The CCC makes reporing CCAP changes easy.  We allow for all changes to be reported through a secure form below.  Clients are required to report all changes to their CCAP case within 10 days of the change.  You can report multiple changes on the same form.  Below is the list of changes that must be reported within 10 days.  Click here to submit changes.

  • Beginning or ending of employment
  • Change in employer
  • Increase or decrease in the number of work hours
  • Increase or decrease in the rate of pay
  • Increase or decrease in household size
  • Change in self-employment activities
  • Change in the scheduled hours care is needed
  • Beginning or ending an educational activity
  • Change in child care providers
  • Change in address or residence
  • Change in marital status
  • Beginning or ending receipt of any type of unearned income
  • Increase or decrease in any type of unearned income

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