Regulations For Child Care Informational Sessions

Below are the primary regulations pertaining to child care in Kentucky.  If you are attending one of our Child Care Provider Informational Sessions, we encourage you to print copies of regulations and bring with you.

922 KAR 2:020 Child care assistance program (CCAP) improper payments, claims, and penalties
922 KAR 2:090 Child care center licensure
922 KAR 2:100 Certification of family child care homes
922 KAR 2:110 Child care center provider requirements
922 KAR 2:120 Child care center health and safety standards
922 KAR 2:160 Child Care Assistance Program
922 KAR 2:180 Requirements for registered child care providers in the Child Care Assistance Program
922 KAR 2:190 Civil penalties
922 KAR 2:230 Director’s credential
922 KAR 2:240 Kentucky Early Care and Education Trainer’s Credential and training approval
922 KAR 2:250 Commonwealth child care credential
922 KAR 2:260 Child care service appeals

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