Do you need child care training?  Yes you do and we have created a whole new way to learn, have fun, work as a team and earn credit.  Our rooms are designed to challenge all participants regardless if you are new to child care or whether you have been in child care for years.  Our rooms are similar to typical “Breakout Rooms” ….. the big difference, you receive clock hour training credit when you escape.  Each room is designed by a credentialed trainer.  An escape artist (a credentialed trainer) will be your guide during each escape. 

Sign up as an individual or bring your team (10 per room).  More information coming soon on how to register.  


RESOURCES: What do you know about resources in Kentucky?  In this escape room, you will be be challenged to solve many clues around the various child care resources in Kentucky.  Whether it’s a community agency, state department or a program to assist families and children ….. this escape room will be a great refresher of them all.  This room will challenge the most seasoned child care professional.  From east to west and north to south, Kentucky’s child care resources are abundant.  Every participant will be provided access to a resource document after the escape.  


KNOCK, KNOCK ….  IT’S LICENSING:  Licensing visits can be stressful.  In this escape room, uncover and unravel clues to make your next visit less stressful.  We promise you won’t have to read every regulation (there’s a lot of them) but you will be challenged to think outside the box and work together to escape this tangled web of rules and regulations.  Whether it’s child care licensure, civil penalties, child care assistance or health and safety standards …. there will be a little of everything in this escape room.