Membership Options

Take advantage of this opportunity to become a member of the CCC.  Being a member of a professional organization gives you an opportunity to become involved with a core group of child care providers that are making a difference in the lives of young children. The rates below are effective January 1, 2015.

Non-Member Rates:

•    $10.00 per hour

•    $35.00 Orientation I & II

•    $60 CPR & First Aid & Recertifications

•    $15 online classes, over 20 available

•    $60 Kids Matter® Spring Institute*

*Saturday Only — 6 hours

**Level I Membership: $500 Annually

•    $7.50 per clock hour

•    $28 Orientation I & II

•    $45 CPR and First Aid & Recertifications

•    $10 per hour for online trainings – 33% discount

•    $50 Kids Matter® Spring Institute* – 8 clock hours (Friday and Saturday)

**Level II Membership:

Click Here for Level 2 Membership Prices

Select A Payment Option:  Annual or Monthly

Price based on capacity, enrollment and number of staff .

•    UNLIMITED access to face to face clock hour trainings

•    UNLIMITED access to online (TOAD) clock hour trainings (regular $15 per hour)

•    UNLIMITED access to Online & Face to Face Orientation I & II trainings

•    $45 First Aid and CPR & Recertifications

*    $50 Kids Matter Spring Institute — 8 clock hours (Friday and Saturday)

•    Unlimited Job postings on the Child Care Council website (To post a job, click here)

**Family Child Care Membership ($100) includes unlimited access to clock hour trainings and online trainings — Sign Up Now

*Kids Matter® Spring Institute is located in Lexington and includes breakfast, lunch, and other resources.

**Does not include special conferences or events sponsored by the CCC, except for Spring Institute.

***CCC reserves the right to change prices at any time.

Funded in whole or in part from federal, CHFS, or other state funds