The Child Care Council of Kentucky, Inc. (CCC) was incorporated in 1984 in Lexington, KY.  The CCC has long been referred to as the local hub for child care in Central Kentucky.  The CCC’s mission is to serve as a visible community resource committed to offering access to affordable, quality care and education. We pledge to promote, expand, and enhance services that improve the quality of life for all children, families, and early care professionals in the Bluegrass.

Since 1997, the CCC has continued to grow and expand services throughout Kentucky.  In 1997, the CCC grew from a staff of 5 to almost 40 when the agency was awarded the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) contract for 22 counties in Central Kentucky.  In 2009, the CCC expanded CCAP services to an additional 49 counties in Northern and Eastern Kentucky.  The agency grew from 50 staff to almost 100 during this expansion.

The CCC was awarded the CCAP contract for all 120 counties in Kentucky in July 2012.  With these contracts, the CCC grew again from 100 staff to over 200.  The CCC was also awarded contracts to expand CCR&R services (training and technical assistance) to the FIVCO Area Development District and the Lincoln Trail Area Development District in July 2012.

The CCC prides itself on its ability to be a trendsetter in the field of Early Childhood.

The CCC always has and always will seek opportunities to streamline processes that allow our customers to receive the best services possible.

Funded in whole or in part from federal, CHFS, or other state funds