CCAP Providers

What is the payment process for children receiving CCAP?
Once the parent’s eligibility has been determined for the child(ren) receiving benefits, you will receive a DCC-94 Child Care Service Agreement and Certificate. Please sign and return the DCC-94 to the designated Eligibility Specialist within 10 days of receipt. After the DCC-94 has been signed and returned, the Eligibility Specialist will enter it as received into KICCS which will generate a provider billing form to follow.

How do I know what I got paid for a child?
You will receive a remittance statement that provides an explanation of the payment amount for each child and allows you to review the information.

What if I discover an error in my payment for a child(ren)?
In the event of an underpayment or overpayment, the provider must report incorrect payment to the Child Care Council by calling 800-809-7076 within 90 days of receipt of the remittance statement.

How do I know what type of schedule the child is approved for?
The child’s schedule is listed on the DCC-94

May I have my check direct deposited instead of receiving it by mail?
Yes, contact the Billing Department at 800-809-7076 for more information

What should I do when I receive the (DCC-94) Child Care Service Agreement and Certificate?
Review the DCC-94, sign it on page 2, make copy for your records and mail back to the requesting Eligibility Specialist within ten days. Please have the parent on page 2 if they have not signed it.

What happens if I do not return the DCC-94 within 10 days?
You will not receive payment for the child(ren) listed on the DCC-94

What if the child’s schedule is wrong? Who should I call?
If the child’s schedule is not what you expected, have the parent contact their Eligibility Specialist at 800-809-7076. Child’s schedule is approved based on the parent’s schedule.

How do I complete the Provider Billing Form if the child is on a flexible schedule?
On the PBF, a child enrolled on a Flexible Schedule is identified by FS in the schedule line. Enter the appropriate code on the exception line for each day the child attended or for days you wish to be paid (if holiday, etc). **If no code is entered, you will not get paid for days with a Flexible Schedule

What is the Provider Portal?
It is a program that allows you to complete and submit your Child Care Assistance Program billing forms as well as view/print payment remittances on-line for a paperless process. The KICCS Provider Portal is available at no cost to you. (Link)

What are the advantages of doing my billing on the portal?

  • Cost Efficiency-no mailing cost involved
  • Time Efficiency-Child Care Council billing staff receive Provider Billing Form electronically and immediately upon submission
  • Ability to view remittances on-line
  • Ability to view on-line when Provider Billing Form (PBF) has been processed and paid
  • PBF is available on-line the 1st day of the month. PBFs that are mailed are sent out on the first business day of the month.

How do I sign up for the Portal?

For information, including on how to sign up, please visit the Division of Child Care Website at

Who do I contact if I have problems with my password or navigating on the Provider Portal?
If you have problems or questions, contact the KICCS Helpdesk by calling (502) 564-0104, option 6, or toll free (866) 231-0003, option 6, or via e-mail to Helpdesk. Support is available Monday through Friday, from 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern time.

Who should I call to report changes if I am a Licensed or Certified Provider?
Please contact your local Licensing and Regulations Department to report changes in location/address, phone number, hours of operation, and ownership/director.

For changes in rates, please contact the Billing Department at 800-809-7076.

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