Backpack Food Program

The Child Care Council of Kentucky, Inc. is partnering with local schools and God’s Pantry on a new “Backpack Food Program” to provide weekend meals (distributed on Fridays) to qualifying students in schools.  The first participating school is Garden Springs Elementary (GSE).

Gethsemane Lutheran Church, in the Garden Springs neighborhood, currently funds 36 children at GSE.  This year, Garden Springs Elementary’s full need is met with an additional 24 bags funded from the CCC Backpack Food Program (totaling 60 bags to GSE).  The Backpack Food Program seeks to help as many children as possible with our resources.  It has been brought to our attention that Beaumont Middle School is facing a shortage of weekend food bags. Therefore, an additional 12 bags will be delivered to Beaumont to assist with their weekly shortfall.

Shannon Smith and Mandy Otis are local volunteers who are leading the initiative at GSE and working to ensure that the additional 36 children are able to receive food for the weekend.  Their efforts are to fully fund the project at GSE and possibly expand to other schools in Fayette County.


Objective:fruit  To provide 36 additional bags of food per week for the Garden Springs Elementary Backpack Food Program.

Cost:  One bag of food costs approximately $6. A single bag is packed with dairy, fruit/vegetable, protein, and grains. All items are shelf stable. Our goal is to provide fresh fruit, such as apples or oranges, when possible.

The cost to provide 36 bags is approximately $216, which covers one week.

Break Boxes:  As spring break approaches, we hope to provide “Break Boxes” for families in need to help bridge the gap until school is back in session. This box will likely include bulk items. Pricing to be announced.

You can make a tax deductible donation today to ensure children have quality food for the weekend.

  • Click here to make a one time donation
  • Click here to donate monthly (recurring payment).

Mail checks to:  Backpack Food Program, 1390 Olivia Lane, Lexington, KY 40511. *Please add email address and “Backpack Food Program” on memo portion of check. 


Jacklynn (Mandy) Otis at 859-825-8335 (

Shannon Smith at 859-559-7320

Funded in whole or in part from federal, CHFS, or other state funds